Understand Legal Rights After a Car Accident with the Help of a Brooklyn Accident Attorney

After a car accident, it is important to know and understand your legal rights.

New York is a no fault insurance state, so in most cases all you can do is file a claim with your insurance company (which can itself be a battle). Suing a responsible party is possible only in the event of serious injury or disfigurement. This makes it even more important to contact a Brooklyn personal accident attorney, who can help you work out whether it is reasonable to pursue the case.

Legal issues are complex, and it is best to find a lawyer that has some focus in the area of personal injury and auto accidents. A lawyer with experience will be able to tell you quickly whether you have a case, and they will generally work on contingency – meaning no upfront fees and motivating them to get you the best possible settlement.

It is important to get a police report for all accidents, even if you do not think you will be filing suit or if little damage was done – this can help support your claim with your insurance company. It is equally important to contact an attorney right away, as you only have three years to file suit.

Make sure to document all repairs and medical expenses, and realize that you do have rights – and that it is not always wise to just let the “no fault” system (which will not give damages for, for example, pain and suffering) take care of it. You should not let yourself be a victim a second time – of your or their insurance company – but should call a qualified lawyer right away to find out what your next steps should be.


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