How a Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Helps Families with Legal Questions

If you have legal questions after a car accident, it might be tempting to rely on the internet for answers. For example, the internet will readily tell you that New York is a No Fault state, which means that you can only make a claim from your own insurance company unless the injury is “serious.” It will even give you a brief definition of “serious.”

Does that really tell you whether you can sue? No, and it certainly does not answer the important question of whether you have a chance of winning. For that you need a Brooklyn personal accident attorney – who can help you establish the merits of your case. Personal accident lawyers generally work on contingency – and any good lawyer will give you a free consultation to determine whether the case is worth pursuing. They will be honest about this, as they do not get paid unless you win.

It is important to get legal advice right away, because you only have three years after the accident to file a suit. This might seem like a long time, but in legal terms it is very short – it can take almost that much time to prepare a case, gather the required paperwork and get a court date. A lawyer can also help you settle out of court – and insurance companies are often far more willing to settle if the aggrieved party has a lawyer, as it tells them you are serious and unlikely to go away if ignored.

Because New York is a No Fault state you should make sure your insurance is up to date and will cover you in most situations. When things go really bad, though, you need proper advice from a lawyer and should call one right after the accident.


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