How a Car Accident Lawyer Practicing in Brooklyn Helps Victims with Legal Questions

After a car accident, you probably have legal questions – especially if you are confident that the accident was not your fault. Legal issues about personal injury cases can be extremely complex and often vary from state to state. But what if you are unsure as to who was at fault in causing the accident? Such situations often arise and it is very important to promptly call a lawyer to review the facts.

In New York, the system used is called “no fault” – which in a nutshell means that you can and should claim damages for medical bills and loss of earnings from the responsible motor vehicle insurance company regardless of who was at fault in causing the accident. The system in effect prevents an injured person from asserting certain claims for pain and suffering and other damages which do not meet a legal threshold. Injuries which one can sue for under the law generally involve permanent or significant loss of function, bone fractures, disfigurement such as a scar or substantial disability from employment for at least 90 days.

Of course, it can be hard and complex to tell whether a injury meets this legal threshold. A personal injury attorney practicing in Brooklyn can help. They can determine if you may have a law suit for pain and suffering under the law. It is very useful to promptly obtain a police report, which provides a record prepared by the responding officers. The report often has the names and contact information of witnesses and records certain potentially important data related to the accident and the vehicles involved.

If you have basic legal questions, then calling an attorney can help. They can help you work out where you stand with all of the complexities of the law.  An experienced lawyer should promptly launch a full investigation and assemble relevant evidence. They may answer questions you might have about the possibility of bringing a law suit. They can also help you deal with your insurance company.

With your questions answered you may move forward with greater confidence.


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